Stock Mouth Guard

Types of mouth guards:

Night Guard

These are special custom-made night guards that are worn at night to prevent teeth damage caused by night teeth grinding, clenching, or bruxism. There are different types of night guards that a patient may need depending on their certain situation. 

A mouth guard should be worn if you are in an a contact sport or activity. A mouth guard will fit over your teeth and will protect your teeth and dental structures from damage or physical impact. A mouth guard will absorb the majority of the shock and can help prevent injuries like chipped teeth, fractured teeth, tooth loss, cracked teeth, and other mouth damages or lacerations. 

Inexpensive and does not need any preparation before being worn and can be worn as is, however, they provide the least level of protection. You can purchase these at a pharmacy, sports store, or local department store.


We provide these types of mouth guards at Ankeny Dental Center. These provide the most accurate, most comfort, and best fit by having a dentist take an impression of your mouth.

Custom-made Mouth Guard

Boil and Bite Mouth Guard

These provide a better fit to your teeth and gums than the stock mouthguard, but not as accurate as the custom-made mouth guard. They are prepared to fit your mouth by boiling in water then fitting in your mouth and applying pressure, depending on which brand is purchased. You can also purchase these at a pharmacy, sports store, or local department store.