Pediatric Dental Information

Ankeny Dental Center follows the American Dental Association recommendations that your child should establish a dental home by age one. The first visit or two is to introduce your child to our office and educate you and your child's dental care and dental habits. We are committed to treating young patients with care and compassion in order to give them a positive dental foundation that will impact your child's future oral health positively.  

Pediatric dental Cleanings and exam

Fluoride helps prevent cavities and helps strengthen your child's teeth. This application is safe, fast, and effective for children. 

Dental Sealants

Why baby teeth are important

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Dental sealants are a thin, tooth-colored acrylic coating that is simply painted on the biting surface of a tooth. They “seal” the deep grooves and act like a barrier protecting enamel from plaque and acidic foods that cannot be cleaned effectively with a toothbrush. This procedure is fast, simple, and very effective in preventing tooth decay for children and adults.

Pediatric dental Crowns

Fluoride application

Cavities are broken down teeth caused by bacteria on the surfaces. These bacteria break down and cause holes in the tooth structure, which left untreated could grow until tooth structure becomes weak and break or until the cavity reaches the nerve of the tooth and causes you pain.

At an appointment to fix a cavity, the dentist will first remove the cavity and bacteria from the tooth. Then the filling material will be placed back into the missing area of the tooth to restore it back to normal function and looks. 

Pediatric Services

Dental Fillings

During your child's appointment we will educate you on toothpaste for your child and the right amount to use, thumb sucking, finger sucking, and pacifier habits, diet modifications, and other dental habits you may be concerned about teeth. 

At Ankeny Dental Center we are pleased to serve many families, including their children, however, we do offer referrals to pediatric dental specialists due to parent preferences or under certain circumstances.

​Here is an interactive power point that you can download to introduce your child to proper brushing techniques and how to care for your mouth

If you are scheduling for a child who has not had a lot of dental office experience before, please call our office for tips on how to make them feel more comfortable! 

We would be happy to give them a tour of the office with no treatment done, so that they are more comfortable when the time comes.

Contact us and make an appointment for your child today!

These pediatric crowns or caps are placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to protect it from further destruction. This will help your child regain function of the tooth as well. 

Give your child the ability to chew food, to speak, and to keep space to allow the adult teeth to come into the correct place in their mouth. If baby teeth have cavities, are removed, get knocked out, or fall out early then adult teeth may not have the correct space they need to come into the mouth correctly. 

Pediatric Patients