Treating GUm Disease

Preventing GUm Disease

Scaling and root planing is the dental terminology for a "deep cleaning" that can treat early stages of gum disease. Scaling is cleaning the area below the gums and root planing is smoothing the root the prevent build up on rough surfaces. Local anesthetic and numbing is used during this treatment to make the treatment more comfortable.

After an examination and depending on a patient's specific needs and situation, there may be other types of treatments to help treating their specific gum disease.

Infrequent dental visits or poor oral hygiene care can expose your gums to tartar, plaque, and bacteria. However, some people have higher risk factors that may lead to gum disease (periodontitis). Bleeding and swollen gums during brushing or flossing are early signs of gum disease. Early detection and treatment of periodontitis is important to stop the disease process. If left unchecked, gums could pull away from the teeth and create periodontal pockets where bacteria can accumulate and eventually cause tooth loss. 

Periodontal treatment